Automating Your Pantry in 2017
Smart Containers That Order For You
WePlenish teamed up with Amazon to keep
your pantry and pet supplies coming, so you
Never Run Out.

Pet Food & Treats

Never run out of pet food & treats.
No under-or-over ordering.

Pantry Coffee & Tea

Keep that "think-juice" coming and never worry about re-ordering it.

Pantry Cookies & Snacks

No more settling for bottom of the jar crumbs.
The jar will take care of it.

What's Our Deal?

WePlenish bridges the gap between people's busy lifestyles and their ongoing need to remember to re-order consumable products like pet food, coffee, cookies and more.

Keep playing fetch with your dog; we eliminate those last-minute trips to the store and keep track of their food supply. Mom, go ahead and plan the playdate; you'll always have fresh cookies and snacks on-hand for the little ones. Employees falling asleep at the office? You're probably out of coffee again. Well, none of that any more!

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