Media Reviews

"On-demand, convenient innovation is all around us and for some, it's only a cup of coffee away."


"The process is completely automated, so you don’t have to think about checking how many coffee pods you have left. The app is smart enough to learn your consumption habits, so it can order more of your favorite food before you even realize you’re running low."


"Amazon's quest to keep us reordering supplies began with Dash Buttons. One press of a button orders more of one specific item. But instead of needing a button for different household goods, WePlenish sees a future where every item has its own smart container."


"Your Kitchen Will Restock Itself. While Amazon has pioneered the "Dash Button," in the not-so-distant future, your pantry will literally order your products for you. One stealth startup, WePlenish, is already launching a line of "IoT-powered" smart containers that promise to revolutionize the modern kitchen."


Simple Setup

Customer Reviews

"Having this capsule container in my graphic design firm is great! One less thing to worry about, keeps my team caffeinated and creative, and it looks GREAT next to our Nespresso machine."
Galeet L. - Happy Customer

"We love our WePlenish! Rarely do you run across a product that just makes life easier - this is defintely one!! Love the versatality and that's not just for cofee too - looking forward to exploring more with that. The app is easy to use and once it's set up, it's hands off!! Great Product!! "
Josh C. - Happy Customer

"It takes the hassle out of going back to Amazon to manually order."
Joe E.- Happy Customer

 "It is innaovative and great way to track my coffee pods."
Janet F. - Happy Customer