Save Time & Effort

Automate the mundane task of having to re-order or run out to buy pantry essentials. We have created an easier way to shop with our Smart Containers that store, measure and automatically reorder consumables when supplies run low. Every minute saved is another minute spent on family, friends and fun.

Free Your Mind

WePlenish Smart Containers give you one less thing to worry about during your packed days. We are the first and only smart containers integrated with Amazon Dash Replenishment so your favorite pantry items always arrive on time when you need them, so you never run out.

Pantry of the Future

WePlenish is the future of shopping and the smart kitchen. Smart containers with built-in sensors recognize when you are running low on your pantry must-haves and reorder for you. It’s a simple way to keep essentials in stock.

Be There, Always

Ordering through WePlenish might be automated, but our service certainly isn’t! Got a technical question, want to learn more or just say Hi? We are here for you! Call, email or chat with us anytime.